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Gather (To Go)

Our Portland round-up is the ‘made in Maine’ spirit, expressed: creative, green and a little bit courageous. From sea dweller designs to ‘vacation in a bottle’ scents, these dedicated Maine-land makers have delighted our senses and their stories have warmed our hearts.

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We’ve waxed enchanted about this Kennebunkport cupboard filled with local finds, but that’s only because its offerings are so charming. A naturally-sourced beauty line, tea service elements and nautical tea towels are just some of the things you’ll want to bring home.


Rugs aren’t the only story with this multitalented designer, whose housewares line is equally beautiful (and infinitely more portable!). We love the modern glassware reminiscent of sea pebbles and the starry night pattern on the cozy-sleek throw pillows.


A clever second life for recycled Maine sails, this bag line really floats our boat. Available in a range of styles and a rainbow of colors and patterns, these bags are equally gift-able (and totable). Bonus: they are darn near indestructible. 


There are so many discoveries to make in this merry mercantile, including industrial baubles by local designers, whimsical Maine prints and greeting cards from Libby VanderPloeg and oxford shirts in a multihued array. 


If the scent of freshly baked blueberry goodies or taste testing to your heart’s content aren’t up your alley, you’ll want to avoid this irresistible Portland shop. For the rest of us, anything you find in this Maine-based specialty foods line is downright delicious.


We’re hard pressed to think of a better gift for a homesick Mainer (or your average lobsta lover) than a care package of the freshest lobster meat and genuine split-top rolls. Enter The Clam Shack and their ingenious overnight Lobster Roll Kit, and consider your ‘what to send?’ quandary solved.


In many ways, we’ll never get over our childhood determination to indulge our inner Harriet the Spy. Thus, our allegiance to these go-everywhere logs which would most certainly be Harriet-approved. These Maine versions found at Daytrip Society really make the grade. 


An all-natural Maine-based dog bakery specializing in blueberry “woofie” pies and peanut butter lobsters. Need we say more? 

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Contributing Photography: Helen Brooks

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