Partner With Us|Gather Unearths the Soul of Your Brand

We travel the world in search of stories worth telling, both new or undiscovered
and those that stand the test of time. Driven by our signature approach, Gather
produces content that engages, informs and inspires.

Let the next great story we tell be yours.

the Sonnet

Gather crafts a compelling, cohesive social story for your brand, which we will in turn promote across our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook channels.

the Short Story

Gather contextualizes your product or brand initiative for both of our audiences. Beyond the
banner and outside the giveaway box, we offer compelling on and off-site promotion from our
design and storytelling vantages. A custom sponsored post, this offering will receive prominent
editorial placement and promotional support.

the Novella

We COLLECT, CURATE and CELEBRATE the story of your product or brand initiative.
A vignette that mimics our editorial blueprint, we apply Gather’s three lenses for a closer
look. This custom content series will be published as part of our editorial calendar.

the Epic Journey

An immersive custom video exploration, Gather’s storytelling prowess meets our award-winning production partners, Back East Media. A full-service boutique shop, their directors, producers, editors, and cinematographers have worked in over 40 countries for major cable networks and commercial brands and together, we form an industry-leading branded content team.


Allies and Rewards

A directory of special offers and information handpicked for the Gather audience, the promotion or initiative of your brand’s choice is featured in good company.

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