A Maine-Inspired Summer Feast

Indian Summer Night’s Dream

Growing up as a west coast child meant that the concept of New England summering was fascinating in its otherness, all sandy shored lakes and pine-flanked cottages. The first reference for this is nebulous at best, a movie called Indian Summer oriented around a golden-hued east coast camp and the former attendees that reunite there. The plotlines and character struggles have long faded from memory, but some semblance of the sanctuary foretold washed up with us on the banks of Maine. The blanket-wrapped late night sunsets felt like found memories, even though they were brand new. Despite Portland’s decidedly urban leanings, it is never far from its Vacationland birthright, its zeal for outdoor adventuring an omnipresent refrain in the city’s soundtrack. And so all the elements of our Maine moment collide in a dreamy, late-summer supper aimed at rustic comforts and slow delights – even those that come but once a year.

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Maine Sunsets + Deviled Eggs + Local Chips

Packed with Maine land flavors courtesy of Portland Hunt & Alpine Club and Eventide Oyster Co., these starters are true to form.

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Selection of Local Craft Brews + Lobster Three Ways

Lobster any (and every!) way you like it plus a showcase of Portland’s finest local offerings.

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Wild Maine Blueberry Whoopie Pies + Maine Mix Truffles

Savor the evening hours with these quintessential treats.

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PINE       –         ENAMEL     –          LOBSTER SHACK         –         BLUE SKY



We like a weathered picnic table for this kind of gathering, the more rustic, the better. Play up the summercamp theme with well-loved tinware and serving pieces that have a hint of the nautical. Add utilitarian dishtowels for napkins and cozy bench seating for a “push up your sleeves and dig in!” kind of vibe. Globe lights and lakehouse paraphernalia kept this lobster fest on a roll. 

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May We Suggest…



We kicked off this social setting with a casual ‘serve and be served’ station featuring welcome beverages and two-bite snacks before moving indoors to get down to serious lobster business. A handy tote-and-towel supply and pick-up croquet helped late swimmers and our competitive streaks get right in on the fun. Finally, we headed back outdoors to linger over desserts and conversation as the sun dipped low on the horizon.

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May We Suggest…



Our Portland playlist picks come from throwback girlpower tracks heard in some of our favorite cafés, the songs of Portland natives, and light and happy tunes sung daytripping down the coast. 

Astral Weeks, Van Morrison
Heavenly Day, Patty Griffin
One Week, Barenaked Ladies
After Many Miles, The Ghost of Paul Revere
Escapade, Janet Jackson
Devil’s In the Jukebox, Ray Lamontagne
Girls Chase Boys, Ingrid Michaelson
Sweet Emotion, Aerosmith
Whatta Man, Salt-N-Pepa feat. En Vogue
Sycamore, Foam Castles
Baby-Baby-Baby, TLC
Blackbird Calling, Old Soul
Fly, Sugar Ray
All For You, Anna Lombard
Float On, Modest Mouse
Cups, Anna Kendrick

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Contributing Photography: Helen Brooks

© Gatherings: A Maine-inspired Lobster Bake.