Essential Moment: A Husk Welcome



Even the moon seems to be winking at your good fortune as you amble through the front gate and follow the brick walkway. The quintessential Charleston street looks exactly like you imagined it would and the stately antebellum house before you, even more so. You commune with fellow diners cheerfully Joggle-ing on the lamplit porch, in no particular rush to be anywhere else. You note the wall-to-wall chalkboard heralding ingredients and crediting each purveyor in a way that makes “farm to table” feel come to life. You feel yourself smiling genuinely at the service – earnest, proud, happy to share. It’s not until you’re on your way out, lost in a state of benne seed bliss, that you notice the mat at the front door. It’s a simple “H” above the words “Welcome To Our Home” and you realize that’s exactly what you feel: welcome and at home.

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