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Florentine style has always blazed its own trail. There are the sleek, spare angles of modernist designs and the ornate interiors fit for Catherine de’ Medici, the rooms that interpret decades past and the unique allure of Italian gardens. So whether you’re drawn to the aristocratic elegance of Florence’s chicest hotel, or the rambling lush of her green spaces, this is inspiration you’ll want to bring home.


Decor Muse: Portrait Firenze

Florentine architect Michele Bonan is the mastermind behind Portrait Firenze’s plush timelessness. Employing simple lines and a polished palette, the hotel’s spaces envelop the traveler’s senses in relaxed refinement.


“The property acts as an inspired ‘storyteller’.”



“Design details include portraits with Florence as the backdrop, showcasing famous streets, iconic monuments, and images depicting memorable celebrations and influential people.”



“Bonan played with colors and materials, choosing contrasting tones of opaque grey and dark brown, steel with metal and gold accents, organic wood, and sumptuous textiles to create a harmonious atmosphere.” 


Portrait rooms are the picture of Italian luxury. Bespoke vintage furniture from Tosconova, hand-selected Carrara marble bathrooms, pillows of every size and fill, terry bathrobes, Ferragamo bath goodies and Italian cotton satin linens are just a few of the design stars.


Gather-mag_Florence_Portrait Firenze- Ponte Vecchio Suite Master Bathroom_mini


The suite of synchronized gadgets will appeal to even the most discerning technophile.




Bring It Home…

Given the emphasis on England and France’s contributions to the garden arts, it surprised us to learn that the Italians actually invented the concept of a green space that existed for pleasure alone. By quite literally collapsing the walls around survivalist feudal plots, plants and flowers were tended for order and beauty in equal measure, never one above the other. The grand scale at the Boboli and the majestic vistas of private villa gardens are a study in theatrical and sensory enjoyment.




“Bring home eyes and imagination full of the ineffable Italian garden-magic.” -Edith Wharton


Grottoes, marble figures and water features are regular fixtures in the Italian garden scene. Plants and flowers are selected for the pleasure provided by their appearance or scent, and areas designated for quiet contemplation are essential.




“We encourage guests to enjoy quiet time in the gardens, and we are delighted to accompany them on garden walks where we explain what is growing where and how things work here.” – Relais Borgo Santo Pietro




Bring It Home…

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