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A little bit vintage, a little bit rustic and more than a little influenced by the vines, everything about wine country home decor feels just right.

Gather-mag_Napa_decor_Napa Valley Vintage Home_St. HelenaGather-mag_Napa_decor_Napa Valley Vintage Home_St. Helena

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Gather-mag_Napa_decor_Backen, Gillam, Kroeger

Gather-mag_Napa_decor_Solage_Backen, Gillam, Kroeger

Gather-mag_Napa_decor_Backen, Gillam, KroegerGather-mag_Napa_decor_Backen, Gillam, Kroeger


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Just thinking about this interiors boutique in an apropos historic St. Helena abode tends to brighten our day. The style – American traditional meets French country – imparts a comfortable yet refined feel you’ll want to try at home. The holiday decor is a particular feat of fancy – proprietress Laura Rombauer’s merry selection of handmade ornaments adorning four (!) in-store Christmas trees is a sight to behold.


When it comes to the upscale farmhouse style that has defined Napa Valley’s most enviable environs, Howard Backen and team quite literally wrote the book. A man who embraces the ‘where of architecture’ and practices its ‘dynamic simplicity’, Backen’s designs evoke the same sigh-inducing reaction to their place-ness, whether it’s the indoor-outdoor sleek of Larkmead Vineyards, the manicured rusticity of Solage Calistoga, or the vaulted elegance of Press. 


Michael Chiarello’s sprawling, eclectic home goods brand is, at its essence, an homage to the earthy spirit of Napa-style entertaining. A collection of found treasures, local discoveries and Italian imports, shopping here is a sure-fire way to bring some of that Wine Country conviviality to your table (and to your home). 


One of the most charming garden-inspired home decor boutiques you’ve ever laid eyes on, it’s probably lucky for us (and our pocketbooks) that they haven’t yet launched an e-commerce shop. Their sweet details add a domesticated rural warmth to the home, so we’ve tracked down a few Acres-inspired pieces until we can visit them again. 


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