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Portland Trading Co.

157 Middle Street  |  (207) 899-0228

Beyond a mere retail experience, Portland Trading Co. is an engrossing study in refinement: old west apothecary meets nobleman’s salon meets old time general store. Wares from Maine locals enticed and delighted us but larger-than-life proprietor Kazeem Lawal is the real treat here; a wealth of recommendations and downright dapper style. We finally tore ourselves away an hour later, buoyed by balsam incense and the pleasure that follows being in good company. 

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Folly 101

101 Exchange Street  | (207) 773-5227

Just the kind of nod-to-nautical storefront we can’t resist, Folly 101 is a color-coded array of must-have home decor and gifts. The spare, bright cottage space is stocked with all of your favorite cookbooks, one-of-a-kind Maine artist creations and chunky knit throws, as well as striped table linens and patterned dishware by the stack. The sales associates are helpful and friendly, encouraging you to come on in and stay awhile – which, you inevitably do. 

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Holly Hamilton Jewelry

97 Exchange Street  | (207) 772-8887

Akin to visiting a hallowed gallery, Holly Hamilton’s rare and precious designs may be beyond your budget, but a walk through her spa-like space to peruse her works of art is well within reach. We were first smitten by her affable shopdog, then by the enchanting Holly herself. 

Blanche & Mimi

97 Exchange Street  | (207) 772-8887

We fell hard for this “how can I fit all of this in my suitcase?” exercise in covetable interiors and antiques. Blanche & Mimi’s inviting domicile on bustling Middle Street is laid out in a series of miniature stations, revealing treasures as you work your way towards the vintage and antiques. Keeping company with some of our favorite independent brands (Jack Rudy tonics, Sideshow Press totes, Kerry Cassill textiles) was icing on a very pretty cake. 

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Fish & Bone

195 Commercial Street  | (207) 773-5450

Our Gather mascots didn’t get to roam the old port streets with us this time around, so we made it up to them with stockpiles of lobster and New England Patriots toys from this cat’s pajamas pet shop. The verdict is in: eight enthusiastic paws up. 

Black Parrot

191 Middle Street  | (207) 221-6991

This impressively unique boutique was filled with beautiful separates from indie brand standouts. Catherine Andre’s knits, structured Samuji dresses, L:A Bruket moisturizers and Tatine candles are some of the shopper’s finds we didn’t resist. 

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Contributing Photography: Helen Brooks

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