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1145 South Coast Highway  | (949) 464-9220

Stepping into Kerry Cassill’s Lala feels like being admitted to the bedroom of your grade school best friend’s impossibly cool older sister. Her lively collection of light-as-air prints feel washed in sunshine, and essentially ‘Laguna’. The line’s accessories, linens and clothing are featured alongside a sublime edit including the likes of Eres, Mother denim, Inhabit and Kai, and the surprise ocean view from the bungalow boutique’s back porch encourages you to linger longer.

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Laguna Supply

210 Beach Street | (949) 497-8850

One of the area’s best boutiques is a slight, spare space, all the better to let sartorial stars like Etoile Isabel Marant, Rag & Bone, Clare V. and Ulla Johnson shine. The go-to when you need a little something special for Saturday night or just want to replenish your window shopping wish list, Laguna Supply is a a shopping destination easily navigated and enjoyed. 

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295 Forest Avenue  | (949) 497-3202

Like walking into a chic cartographer’s quarters in a shipyard of decor treasures, Tuvalu welcomes with weathered wood displays and under-the-sea accents. There are cozy nooks stuffed with marine-colored throw pillows and plenty of cute gifts, art and furnishings to occupy the better part of an hour.

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The Shop

1020 South Coast Highway  | (949) 715-8308

The Shop is a luxe little dream catcher-draped bohemia that feels pleasantly more like a weekend beach house than a retail store. Sand-ready separates play nicely with patterned bikinis and brightly colored Ruby Mint towels, and the sunny service from a longtime Laguna local adds a personal touch.  

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Camps & Cottages

1231 North Pacific Coast Highway  | (949) 494-2100

Like walking into the genteel end of a Lewis & Clark expedition, this one-of-a-kind home store instantly and utterly charms. Framed vintage California state flags share square footage with Pendelton blankets, miniature wooden canoes and Dash & Albert rugs. Found favorite candles from Voyage et Cie and an enviable antique French enamel collection only make it harder to depart. 

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Fetneh Blake

427 North Coast Highway  | (949) 494-3787

Designer mecca owner Blake is a well-established retail queen, and her fashionable fingerprints are everywhere at her self-titled boutique. A keen eye for style hits from brands both established and on-the-rise has defined Fetneh Blake for well over a decade and thanks to an endless stream of flawless French imports, we don’t see her dominance diminishing any time soon.  

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