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Skipper a Schooner

56 Commercial Street  | (207) 766-2500

Well, not exactly. But you can get your sea legs and behold Casco Bay’s craggy coastline aboard Portland Schooner Co.‘s Bagheera. Fill a basket at nearby Standard Baking Co. and resign yourself to being a first mate for fun – this is a tourist attraction that’s actually a ridiculously good time. Steeped in the history fellow nerds may recall from elementary school history classes, it’s a rich and classically “Maine” experience.

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Sea Food Work

9 Custom House Wharf  |  (207) 772-6557

We can’t imagine a trip to Portland would feel complete without a trip to Harbor Fish Market in the Old Port. The area’s preeminent seafood supplier displays their prime specimens in all their glory, and the spirited banter between the red-blooded (and Red Sox faithful) fishmongers lends a jovial, “in on the action” kind of air. An extensive array of accoutrements and local products are the perfect complement to your gifts of the sea, and the helpful personnel are full of ideas for how best to enjoy their prime catches.

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Get Hoppy

86 Newbury Street  | (207) 761-0807

50 Industrial Way  | (207) 878-5385

Maine’s thriving beer scene reaches a fever pitch here, with over ten breweries in the greater Portland area. Two of our favorites, Shipyard Brewing Co. and Allagash Brewing Co., offer entertaining tours of the facilities and of course, you get to sample the tasty craft brewskies along the way. 

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