St. Barth’s Best Local Products

Gather (To Go)

St. Barth is a place that generates a particularly strong sense of nostalgia. Just the scent of that Caribbean-flavored rhum, the sight of the island’s matchless topography or the feel of light-as-air fabrics grazing our shoulders, and we’re instantly transported. Make room on your hits list for these very special souvenirs.


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Ligne is St. Barth’s pre-eminent beauty brand and with good reason: the product scents are like a trip to their island spa, bottled. Formulated with before-and-after sun skincare needs in mind, they have an irresistible “carefree French girl at the shore” quality that’s always in season.


We never considered ourselves rum fans until we sampled La Gloriette’s homemade varietals while dining in the sand at their restaurant by the same name. We’re partial to the ‘rhum vanille’ and ‘rhum coco’ flavors but truth be told, each one is like a sip of St. Barth sunshine.  


Just the sight of these gauzy, brightly colored designs hanging in our closets is enough to make us smile. Doubly so when they are accompanying us poolside or to the beach, where they incite a flood of compliments.


Pearl shopping is a popular St. Barth pastime and Mignot’s treasures run the gamut from special to extra-spendy. Their unique and beautiful designs are a sight to behold, ‘gifts of the sea’ you’ll want to bring home.


These artisanal soaps are rich in Shea butter and come in beachy fragrances like Jasmine, Mango, Ylang-Ylang and Coconut.


The gang at Solid + Striped is a St. Barth spirit animal if ever we’ve seen one. Their classic, beach-bound styles pay regular homage to the island — the villas and beaches even played a starring role in the brand’s latest campaign.


One of our favorite finds is this tucked away shop in St. Barth’s La Villa Creole. In addition to selling artwork and jewelry, they have a very special collection of vintage island maps, a precious keepsake that cures a bare wall (and conjures island beach days). 

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Contributing Photography: Helen Brooks

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