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Stroll Gustavia

Rue de la Republique

The brightly colored city center is an utter sensory delight. Gingerbread house exteriors coexist with harbor-bound megayachts, and the window shopping (think investment bags and watches) rivals that of international fashion capitals. Some of the island’s best restaurants and St. Bartholomew’s clapboard simplicity are also not to be missed.

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Watch The Planes At St. Jean

Plage de Saint-Jean

St. Barth’s improbable little airstrip commands an enviable position down the center of one of the island’s most popular beaches. Home to a host of watersports and day drinking hotspots like Nikki Beach and La Plage, it is also the prime vantage for the airshow of daily arrivals and departures. Feeling the whir of a plane ascending overhead as you sunbathe beneath the swaying palms is a uniquely St. Barth experience.

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Charter A Boat

Quai Du Yacht Club | +590 590 27-7034

At once extravagant and necessary, St. Barth is a place whose waters beg to be explored. Whether you opt for a catamaran sunset cruise or a full day excursion to Anguilla via motor yacht, Jicky Marine will ensure that your time at sea is a ball.

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Drive The Isle

Aéroport Gustav III | +33 6 90 41 21 30

St. Barth is a place that absolutely necessitates a rental car; the more compact, the better for the one car-width thoroughfares. There’s no better way to appreciate the topographical and cultural diversity tucked into the tiny island’s corners than to hop into your go kart blasting surprisingly apropos Europop as you wind around its 8-mile ringed road. There will be many views en route that take your breath away but the curve around to Grand Fond will really knock your socks off. Easily accomplished in under an hour (if you must resist the temptation to stop at one of the myriad alluring finds along your way), a joyride lets you explore essential corners you’d otherwise miss.

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Stock The Villa

This beloved Gather ritual signals arrival and helps you settle into the excitement of being on the island. As mentioned above, Maya’s to Go is the perfect one-stop traiteur for your first night in. (Bonus: Wimco can stock the fridge with her goodies ahead of time upon request. Is there something better than showing up to a kitchen filled with flourless chocolate cake and cold rosé after a day of travel? We didn’t think so either). Pop into Marché U supermarket next door for a great selection of wines, cheeses, baguette and French beauty products. Given its French connection, you’d imagine that St. Barth packs quite a wine selection between its tiny borders and you’d be right. Our favorite, however, is the incomparable selection of La Cave du Port Franc. Rounding the bend into Gustavia and spotting an “OPEN” sign is a jubilant welcome into their wine wonderland. Finally, La Boucherie is the place for top quality meats for the night you want to stay in and cook.

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Life’s A Beach

When in St. Barth, everything revolves around the beach, and you wouldn’t want it any other way. Each beach deserves its day in the sun, so we broke it all down in a dedicated JAUNT


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