Pack Your Bags For St. Barth

Bon Vivant

St. Barthélemy: the name alone conjures up visions of dazzling landscapes and sunkissed, French Caribbean beauty. The island takes effort to access but she and her charms are open and approachable, easy to fall for headfirst. From a nostalgia-inducing coffee table book to a perfect soundtrack to breezy, beach-ready separates, here are a few windows into the island’s soul.


St Barth_BEAUTY_mini


When it comes time to pack your bags, trust us: the lighter the better (and we are the minority who prefers to check our bags so we promise it isn’t out of a desire to save space). You won’t want to lose a precious moment on the beach to bothersome chores like drying your hair or fussing with liquid liner. Additionally, while it seems unfathomable to travel without a pair of heels, dare to do it in this instance: you won’t even think about them once you touch down. 

Special thanks to Calypso, the very spirit of St. Barth, for helping us pack our bags!

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Contributing Photography: Helen Brooks

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