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Half the fun in taking a trip is the planning, dreaming and research that gets you in the mood to go. We like sister hotels Shutters and Hotel Casa del Mar for an Insta shot of beachfront luxury, and the Huckleberry and Santa Monica Farmer’s Market cookbooks are beautifully representative of quintessential coastal LA food favorites. Once longtime Malibu resident Joan Didion offered a California native’s point of view from her intimate, unflinching vantage. C Magazine both shares and stokes our smoldering love affair with the Golden State, delivering a total package of glossy spreads and new explorations in every issue. Sunset, the ‘guide to living in the West’, is just that – an effervescent, in-the-know compatriot filled with wholesome glimpses of a left coast lifestyle. Finally, Los Angeles magazine enfolds you in the real L.A. – its little-known corners, best loved bites, and always interesting tales.

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Gather_mag_Santa_Monica_Huckleberry_cafe_miniHuckleberry Cookbook Cover copy_mini

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Gather_mag_Coastal_LA_Santa_Monica_Shutters_by_the_Sea Gather_mag_Coastal_LA_Santa_Monica_Shutters Gather_mag_Coastal_LA_Santa_Monica


Gather_mag_Santa_Monica_Casa_del_Mar_palms_miniGather_mag_Santa_Monica_Casa_del_Mar_beach_minicasa del mar


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