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1014 Wilshire Blvd, Santa Monica | (310) 451-2311

The beloved crown jewel of the Rustic Canyon restaurant empire puts out dishes we crave all day long. A sunshine slice of what home cooking should be, this is Zoe Nathan and Josh Loeb’s love letter to their hometown, sealed with the kiss of a lemon posset or oozy blueberry brioche.




Huckleberry - Fried Egg Sandwich - Photo Credit Emily Hart Roth_mini_mini

Cora’s Coffee Shoppe

1802 Ocean Ave, Santa Monica | (310) 451-9562

They’ll have you at the vintage signage at this casual patio spot but make no mistake, this is brunch fare at its best.

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IMG_0145 copy_miniIMG_0156 copy_mini

IMG_0155 copy_mini

Cafe Vida

15317 Antioch St, Pacific Palisades | (310) 573-1335

We love the tasty simplicity of the healthy smoothies and wholesome entrees at this three-squares spot.



1429 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice | (310) 450-1429

It’s a toss-up deciding whether breakfast, lunch or dinner is best at this thoroughly original Venice mainstay. From lemon buckwheat ricotta pancakes to their legendary pizza combos, it’s the best possible version of a next-level neighborhood bistro.

IMG_0876 copy


Juice Crafters

15324 Antioch St, Pacific Palisades | (310) 459-4200

Our fave take on the LA juice craze, Juice Crafters strikes a nice balance between uber-healthy and ‘I can actually pronounce that!’ ingredients.



Three-Rosé Lunch

Superba Food + Bread

1900 Lincoln Blvd, Venice | (310) 907-5075

Everything about this spacious indoor/outdoor bakery-meets-café is classic California dining, as sophisticated as it is casual. Ditch your diet and don’t skimp on the bread: trust us.

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IMG_0073 copy_miniIMG_0044 copy_mini

IMG_0097 copy_mini

IMG_0090 copy_miniIMG_0069 copy_mini

Ivy at the Shore

1535 Ocean Ave, Santa Monica | (310) 393-3113

The picket-fenced Robertson location may be the more famous of the Ivy restaurants but this kitschy Ocean Avenue outpost serves one of the best classic salads (and fries) in the city, sans the paparazzo-packed sidewalks.

ivy 4_miniivy 2_mini


320 Sunset Ave, Venice | (310) 314-0320

We’re still dreaming of our last meal at this cute-as-a-button nod to a utilitarian lunch counter. From creative sandwiches like the Porchetta Banh-Mi to sweet little coffees like the Whippersnapper, Travis Lett and his cheery staff have another hit on their hands.

IMG_0024 copy_miniIMG_0025 copy_mini

IMG_0009 copy_mini

Santa Monica Seafood

1000 Wilshire Blvd, Santa Monica | (310) 393-5244

This bustling hive of fishmongering is the spot for fresh catches and their accoutrements. And a seat at the counter for fresh oysters and a glass at happy hour is the definition of ‘good afternoon’ as far as we’re concerned.


Milo & Olive

2723 Wilshire Blvd, Santa Monica | (310) 453-6776

A clean-lined concept centered on the massive pizza oven, M&O makes the city’s best meatballs as well as a mean pizza pie. Salads, Italian wines and a blissful baked goods selection have made us regulars.

Milo & Olive - Pastry Case - Photo Credit Emily Hart Roth_miniMilo & Olive - Interior with Guests - Photo Credit Emily Hart Roth (1)_mini

Milo & Olive - Mushroom Pizza - Photo Credit Emily Hart Roth (2)_mini


1427 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice | (310) 392-7575

Gjelina Takeaway is Gjelina’s mellowed out, come-as-you-are younger sister. Order up a slice and claim a makeshift seat beneath the climbing Bougainvillea.

IMG_0803 copy_mini

IMG_0811 copy_miniIMG_0819_mini

Cocktails, Coffee + Treats

Esters Wine Shop & Bar + Cassia

1314 7th Street, Santa Monica | (310) 899-6900

A lively homage to all that’s most convivial about wine, Esters is the kind of place you’ll find any excuse to visit. It’s a cozy yet Deco-glamorous spot for happy hour inside, yet it’s an equally al fresco dream during balmier nights. The array of delicious bites curated by Rustic Canyon prove the food is more than mere afterthought. Pop on over to neighboring Cassia for a complementary meal to cap off your wonderful evening.

Esters - Caprese 2 - Photo Credit Emily Hart Roth_mini

Cassia_Clay Oven Bread with L to R Young Soybean Puree_miniCassia_Main Dining Room & Bar with Guests_Photo Credit Rick Poon_mini

Cassia_Raw Bar_Photo Credit Rick Poon_miniCassia_Blackberry Sherry Cobbler Close-Up_Photo Credit Rick Poon_mini

Sweet Rose Creamery

225 26th St #51, Santa Monica |(310) 260-2663

This vintage-inspired ice cream shop churns out small-batch artisanal flavors to pine for (we’ll see you again shortly, Salted Caramel).


Caffe Luxxe

925 Montana Avenue, Santa Monica | (310) 394-2222

In a land overrun with artisanal coffee klatches, Caffe Luxxe stands out for its signature roasts and inventive drinks. The Shakerato and the classic cappuccino are staples.

Caffe Luxxe_mini

CaffeLuxxeMerchandise-wall copyCLcappucino_mini

The Bungalow

101 Wilshire Blvd, Santa Monica | (310) 899-8530

The Fairmont Miramar Hotel got a much appreciated revival with the opening of The Bungalow, a hip day-to-night destination for drinks, snacks and general merriment ‘where Wilshire meets the sea’.


bungalow 6_mini

Cadet (R.I.P.)

2518 Wilshire Blvd, Santa Monica | (310) 828-3300

Angelenos, especially westside ones, tend to be viewed as soft on proper cocktailing. Thanks to Cadet, we’ve suddenly come a very long way. The scent of kindling firewood filters this warm redbrick tribute to a faintly Parisian cirque and though the brunch and dinner here are fantastic, Joey’s concoctions (like the French Margarita or the Gin & Juice) steal the show.







Dinner Dates

Blue Plate Oysterette

1355 Ocean Avenue, Santa Monica | (310) 576-3474

This beachy-chic take on a New England crab shack never fails to warm our Maine-loving hearts.

IMG_0166 copy_miniIMG_0169 copy_mini

IMG_0176 copy_miniIMG_0167 copy_mini

IMG_0179 copy_mini

Rustic Canyon

1119 Wilshire Blvd, Santa Monica | (310) 393-7050

A ceaselessly inventive ode to seasonality, this wine bar and kitchen has been with us for the better part of a decade and has cemented its status as a date night standby.

Rustic Canyon Exterior - Emily Hart Roth_miniRustic Canyon - Interior 6 - Emily Hart Roth_mini


1810 Ocean Ave, Santa Monica | (310) 394-5550

The stars may come out for Giorgio Baldi, but we prefer this special occasion Italian mainstay when we’ve got something to celebrate.

IMG_0150 copy_miniIMG_0151 copy_mini

Salt Air

1616 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice | (310) 396-9333

This light-filled little boho brasserie turns out splendid seafood dishes and fresh takes on bites like pea toast and grilled octopus.

IMG_0898_miniSalt Air - Pea Toast - Jakob Layman copy_mini

Caffé Delfini

147 West Channel Rd, Santa Monica | (310) 459-8823

We love this dimly lit no-fuss Italian classic tucked into a little corner of Santa Monica’s Rustic Canyon neighborhood.

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